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Chess Sets  

All of these games are crafted using materials from sustainable sources.

  Madrid Grand Sheesham And Walnut Luxury Chess Set  
Madrid Grand Sheesham And Walnut Luxury Chess Set If there was a match made in heaven, this is certainly it. The Madrid series Staunton chessmen are a stunning take on the classic design with some of the most elegant knights we have seen. The pieces are triple weighted and feature a four inch king. Consistency among the pieces is as good as it gets, there are few better examples of luxury chessmen out there.

The board is a 23.6 inch deluxe walnut and maple veneer of the highest quality available. When we set up this combo in our studio we were stunned by how amazing it looked, it's like the board was made for these pieces.

If you are looking for tonal perfection and unsurpassed luxury then this luxury chess set shouldn't be far from the top of your shortlist. We have made no compromises in terms of quality or design with this chess set bundle.This Luxury Set Includes 4 Queens.



  Dal Negro Contemporary Walnut Chess And Draughts Cabinet  
Dal Negro Contemporary Walnut Chess And Draughts Cabinet

Dal Negro are regarded as one of the world's finest makers of traditional board games. Made in Italy, this compact chess cabinet with modern clean styling is no exception.

The cabinet measures 13.5 inches square and a lid that lifts off using a innovative hidden push down system, allowing the cabinet to display clean lines without the use of unsightly hardware. Inside, the chess pieces and draughts stones are stowed in their individual compartments, lined with quality green material.

The Chess pieces are hand turned from solid hardwoods and are nicely detailed and naturally polished. In all, a very special compact games cabinet that will provide years of quality gaming.



  Art Deco Chess Set  
Art Deco Chess Set A very stylish and unique looking chess set combination. Our Art Deco Sheesham chessmen are an excellent companion to our new 15 Inch solid Sheesham (Golden Rosewood) and Maple cross corner chess board.

Both pieces and board have a similar finish and being made from the same Sheesham hardwood, are very well colour matched.





  Contemporary Series Black Chess Set  
Contemporary Series Black Chess Set This unique chess set combines our contemporary series chessmen with our Black and Maple Matt finish Chess Board. The result is a two-tone, vanguard chess set combination that will satisfy any modernist's addiction to elegant simplicity. The pieces have been expertly crafted from solid boxwood, hand finished and polished to a natural hardwood shine. Each piece is internally weighted and felted on it's base. The balance of the chessmen is very good and despite their unusual appearance they excellent to play with. A classic stylised and minimalist design.

The board is crafted from Lithograph printed Maple veneer, manufactured in Europe to the highest possible standards using only the finest raw materials. As a chess retailer we have been consistently impressed with the outstanding quality of these amazing boards. They are manufactured to exact and uniform standards and finished in a flawless matt satin sheen. An unusual but deeply satisfying chess set and board combination that has been crafted to a very high standard. Designed to look good and last through decades of dedicated chess playing.



  Hand Made Chess Set  
Hand Made Chess Set
Hand Made Chess Set

This chess board is hand-made to order with a baize-lined drawer for the pieces. The playing surface is natural oak and ash squares; the sides are solid yew. The drawer features a traditional-style brass cabinet handle and plate.

The board may be purchased alone or complete with a full set of handmade pieces in Indian Boxwood and Sheesham. All the pieces are classic Staunton tournament design with broad bases and are double-weighted and felted.

Standard Board: 15.75 inches square x 2.5 inches deep.
Large Board: 17.25 inches square x 2.75 inches deep.

Standard Board - With Pieces: £155.00

Large Board - With Pieces: £185.00

  Old English Elite Series Ebony Staunton Chess Pieces 4 Inches  
Old English Elite Series Ebony Staunton Chess Pieces 4 Inches

Four inch versions of our incredibly popular luxury Old English Elite series chessmen.

The design of these Staunton pieces is simply sublime. Sleek, curved shanks and elegant wide bases make for an ideally proportioned chess piece motif, beautifully weighted and naturally polished to a soft sheen.

Perfect for combining with any of our dark wood playing boards of 23 inches. This Luxury Set Includes 4 Queens.




Chess Variant - Jester
Jester - A Chess Variant

This is an old variant of chess that is played on a board with 10 x 10 squares, with two extra pawns per player and two extra pieces per player called Jesters. These sit between the Knights and the Bishops on each side. The game is played exactly the same as normal chess in every way but incorporating these extra pieces makes for a thought-provoking experience!

Each Jester has an initial move the same as a Queen—any number of squares in any direction. Subsequent moves are limited to one or two squares forwards, backwards or sideways. The Jester cannot move diagonally after the first free move and cannot jump pieces.

For more information about Jester go to our:

Jester - Chess Variant - Page



  Down Head Black Championship Chess Set  
Down Head Black Championship Chess Set Great value chess set that doesn't compromise on quality. Includes our 3 Inch king Down head chess pieces finished from solid natural Boxwood and Ebonised Boxwood. They are hand finished with a natural waxes, are weighted and have green felted bases.

They sit proudly on our 16 inch European chess board, a combination of veneered rich mahogany and maple. we have included our polished Birch wood chessmen box to stow the pieces when not in play. The robust hardwoods and expert craftsmanship mean this set will last for years of enduring chess games.

Buying this set as a bundle represents superb value for money and a significant saving when compared to buying all three products separately.



  14 Inch European Intarsy Folding Chess Set  
European Intarsy Folding Chess Set This is a lovely medium sized folding chess set with real character. Hand finished from Mahogany and Birch it features an inlaid board with notation and a very robust sturdy cabinet. The chess pieces are fashioned in the staunton style with a very heavy European influence.

They are non weighted and have black felt bases. What makes this chess set unique is the corner bevelling around the edges of the cabinet. They have been carefuly angled to expose the light birch wood which forms part of it's unique character and design.A solid and very well made chess set that has been hand crafted in Europe.

Made from plantation wood - from a sustainable source in Eastern Europe.



  7 Inch Ebony, Rosewood And Boxwood
Folding Chess Set
Ebony, Rosewood And Boxwood A new design by the Regency Chess Company. Real solid Ebony and natural boxwood chess pieces are housed in dark brown flocked compartments inside the cabinet.

The Cabinet itself is constructed from solid Rosewood with a beautiful solid Ebony top. The playing surface is constructed from solid ebony and Maple inlaid squares.

Superb amalgamation of three graded hardwoods, Ebony, Rosewood and Boxwood result in a chess set of sublime quality for its size.



  6 Inch Sheesham And Maple Folding Chess Set  
Sheesham And Maple Folding Chess Set

Compact solid Sheesham (Golden Rosewood) and Maple Pocket folding chess. Each playing square is made from solid sections of wood inlay and the whole cabinet is naturally wax polished.

Inside, the solid wood pieces are protected by green felt lining. The cabinet is hinged and has a solid brass clasp to keep everything inside whilst on the move.

A beautiful small chess set and great value for money.


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